Ad Libitum Music Academy


AD LIBITUM strives to broaden lives, develop minds and build character
through music education to all, regardless of age, gender, race or socioeconomic background.
To serve the Langberg District and to encourage kids to do music as an extra subject.


We create a platform where young kids can have the opportunity to perform
as soloist and in groups and give them an option of a career in the music industry.
To provide affordable, professional music tuition to all.
To develop young students and train them as tutors.
We aim to empower children with music talent to have a future career in the music industry.


As a young boy, growing up in Robertson, Marvin Booysen (founder and director) had the privilege of doing music as a subject at one of the high schools in Robertson. After being given the opportunity to take part in the South Africa Youth Orchestra course in 1999, he realized what our rural kids are missing.

In Robertson we have numerous music organizations, but none gives the youth the opportunity to either consider a career in music, further their studies in music, or explore the music industry.

In 2012 the Ad Libitum Academy of Music opened its doors. Shortly after opening, the academy moved from the Mr Booysen’s home to 51 Barry Street, where they occupied a garage, which was renovated into two rooms used as both teaching and office space.

In April 2016 the academy expanded in such a way that it became necessary to move to the old Voortrekker building in Dirkie Uys Street.

Since the academy started in January 2012, numerous children’s lives have been touched and improved by the power of music.

We strive to continue to make a difference in the lives of young adults.


Concerts, Bands & Choirs Stage Band Choir

Want to join the band…? The local Ad Libitum Big Band conducted by Marvin Booysen, is your answer, with multiple performances every year.



45 min Piano, Guitar, Drums practical (compulsory for external exam students and includes optional 1h theory class):
R5919 per annum/ R1524 per term/ R623 per month

45min other Solo Orchestral Instrument practical (compulsory for external exam students and includes optional 1h theory class):
R 5653 per annum/ R1443 per term/ R595 per month

30 min Piano, Guitar, Drums practical lesson:
R3971 per annum/ R1013 per term/ R418 per month

30 min other Solo Orchestral Instrument practical lesson(participation in academy orchestra compulsory):
R3791 per annum/ R992 per term/ R399 per month

Specially reccommended for our primary school students

2x30min Per week Piano, Guitar, Drums practical lesson:
R6745 per annum/ R1721 per term/ R710 per month 2x30min

2x30 min Per week other Solo Orchestral Instrument practical lesson(participation in academy orchestra compulsory):
R6460 per annum/ R1649 per term/ R680 per month

1h theory only:
R1722 per annum / R440 per term / R182 per month

Music as High School Subject (Includes Option 2ND Instrument)
R 1200 Per Month, R2910 Per Term, R11 400 Per Annum


ANNUALLY (To be paid by 7 February)

QUARTERLY (To be paid by the end of the first month of each term)

MONTHLY (To be paid over TEN MONTHS from the last day of January, the last day of the following months till end of October)

A 10% discount will be given if there are more than 2 entries from one family




Marvin Booysen

Academy Director, Piano, Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone.

Aisha Smal

Office Assistant, Trumpet and French Horn.

Bonwynn Snyman

Office Assistant, Trombone, Euphonium and Tuba.

Annette Smit

Piano and Acousitc Guitar.

Ngoni Basvi

Bass Guitar and Acoustic Guitar

Lisa Van Zyl-Jones

Recorder, Piano and MiniMusic.


E-mail:     info@adlibitum.co.za

Website: https://adlibitum.co.za

Phone:    023 626 1395

Cell:         072 474 7440

Fax:         086 236 0547

Address: Voortrekker Saal

                  Dirkie Uys Straat


Ad Libitum

Acadamy of Music – Akademie vir Musiek

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